Welcome to Nadill Jedi Academy

About Us

We are an intentionally small guild who prefer to focus on each individual member. We offer enriching, immersive, lore-friendly Jedi roleplay for those interested in developing their character as a strictly traditional Jedi within the realm of known Star Wars lore. This includes and is limited to members of the Jedi Order as we know them in SWTOR’s current time frame.

Our members are expected to take part in Master-Padawan roleplay. They will have opportunities to be involved in lessons, events, and missions, and track their character progression through a system that allows their character to continue to grow well after Knighthood. While small, our guild is a fully functioning, flourishing community in which each member's input and experiences are honored and utilized.

Server: Star Forge Age 18+ only

IC Missions and Goals

The Nadill Jedi Academy was established in order to train the next generation of Jedi Knights in an environment wholly removed from the galactic eye. Despite the seclusion, our academy members will still learn how to navigate through every nuance of the galaxy, from battle mapping to peace accords and more. Our members will continue to operate under the umbrella and guidance of the Jedi Council since the academy serves as an extension of the Jedi Order.

Our academy is available to help wherever help is needed throughout the galaxy. Our Knights and Masters continually assist other members of the Jedi Order, the Republic, and our allies with various affairs. Our students are regularly exposed to the myriad of situations the galaxy has to offer, and their training comes with higher expectations and experiences.

Tython serves as the beacon of light in a dark galaxy, and we are its outstretched arms to welcome those who seek our aid.