Frequently Asked Questions

When is NJA's peak activity time?

9:00pm - 12:00am EST

Though we do have a few CST and international members with differing playtimes.

Who is Nadill?

Memit Nadill was a revered Jedi Master of an unnamed species, and a devoted member of the Jedi Order, who lived during the time of the Unification Wars and Great Hyperspace War. With his patience and guidance, he was able to help the Koros system attain peace and helped Coruscant avoid destruction at the hands of the Sith Naga Sadow.

Master Nadill influenced Odan-Urr's interest in seeking and sharing knowledge, trusted the guidance and teachings of the Force even when other Jedi turned away, and garnered the trust and respect of an Empress. He was known for his experience on the battle field as well as in political halls, his unparalleled kindness, his desire to never raise his lightsaber again if possible, and his dedication to serving and protecting the Republic.

Can I host my own events?


We encourage all members to be active and engaged with the guild, be it formal events or informal roleplay. Anyone above the Initiate rank is able to create events on our calendar. We do ask that any and all roleplay events be in-line with NJA and Star Wars lore. If you're unsure about your event, just reach out to a Councilor.

Our final stipulation is that events not overlap each other. If there's a timeslot you desperately want that is not available, simply reach out to the host of that event and discuss possibilities of switching things around.

What's the Jedi Service Corps in the CoC?

The Jedi Service Corps is a branch of the Jedi Order for those who failed to meet the standards of the Jedi Order. These are typically once Initiates who, for one reason or another, failed to reach or complete their trials, though Padawans have been known to be sent there as well.

At NJA, we do not have an active JSC division and are not looking to create one. This is simply an IC tool for when a character has been removed from their rank and position as a Jedi due to IC consequences to the IC actions taken by that character. Your character will be given the JSC tag in-game and be free to hang out and participate OOC, but will not be able to take part in any RP.

The officers will reach out to you OOC to discuss this possibility should it be one, and ways to mitigate this as an option long before this consequence takes effect IC. However it is up to you to ensure that you roleplay your character diligently to keep this consequence from happening.

Can my character come from the Service Corps?

The short answer is no. Below is the long answer.

Jedi who are sent to the Service Corps have proven that they do not have the skills, drive, mindset, and/or Force capabilities to continue training beyond the Initiate stage. Once they're sent to the Corps, the door to becoming a Jedi Knight closes to them forever. They become an essential part of the branch they are assigned to within the Corps. Removing someone from their position hinders the mission of the Corps, who are just as important to the Jedi Order as the Jedi themselves.

While we understand a desire for a unique background, we also want to maintain current status quo regarding situations and events that could potentially affect everyone around us. Until there is evidence in Canon / Legends that something of this nature has happened, we will continue to refuse to set the precedence.

Can I create my own ______?

It depends.

Roleplay is a form of creative writing that offers the freedom to make your own worlds and scenarios in which others can interact. There are certainly cases where personal creation is useful and offers rich roleplay opportunities (lightsaber design, starfighter, etc). However within our guild, we ask that you refrain from interweaving details of any large scale creations into the NJA.

If you've created a brand new planet for your character, keep it simple and say it's an obscure world (don't involve politics or religions). If it's a brand new species, please review our FAQ on playable species. If it's a brand new lightsaber form, we are not the guild for you.

Why, you may ask, are we so strict with this? It's because of past experiences, where 'new' things were inserted into roleplay that in the long run caused confusion, drama, and unnecessary Mary Sue scenarios. However we do understand that not everything is black and white, and this will be viewed on a case-by-case basis. If you'd like the Council to revisit this stance with you after you've spent some time actively involved in the guild, please reach out to a Council member! We'd love to work with you on this!

Do you accept Sith who want to be Jedi?

At this time, no.

Sith (species) should be a rare sight in our current timeframe. Very few who are not Dark Force users venture beyond the reaches of the Empire, since Sith who cannot use the Force are considered broken and worth as little more than elevated slaves. They are also a warring species, naturally attuned to the dark side of the Force, and therefore will struggle all the more with understanding and accepting Jedi teachings. To maintain lore, we will consider each Sith applicant on a case-by-case basis.

Sith (Force user) very rarely change their minds, since they are trained from the beginning on strength and power, and feed on the enticing, addicting dark side of the Force. There must be a significant event to alter a Sith's view of their training - something that will make them want to break their addiction. Even so, the road to redemption will be long, difficult, and frustrating, both ICly and OOCly. At present, we do not have the resources to allow a healthy, consistent focus on redemption roleplay.

In either case, we encourage you to take careful consideration before applying with either Sith character.

Can my Jedi have a love interest?


Since attachments (as we understand them within our interpretation of the Jedi Code) are forbidden, any and all insinuations of marriage, love, and obsession are strictly forbidden. This includes but is not limited to:
  • falling in love with a fellow student because your character has never "felt this way" before, and pursuing that feeling
  • becoming obsessed with a small creature your character discovered and raising it as your own personal pet
  • developing a romantic relationship between Master and Padawan
While Jedi are still able to feel, their training helps them understand and master these feelings, especially considering their oath and dedication to the Jedi Order first and foremost. Any inklings of feelings should be dealt with in an appropriate manner, rather than be allowed to develop.
Should any player allow attachments to form for their characters, they will be pulled aside by the Academy Council to discuss these choices and the consequences of such.

Can my character fall to the Dark Side?

At present, our guild is not interested in devoting time and resources towards a "fallen Jedi" story arc. While it may provide interesting roleplay, we prefer to focus on those whose characters want to progress as traditional Jedi, reach the rank of Knighthood, and train future generations of traditional Jedi.

This is also not something we are comfortable accepting, since we have had several cases of bad roleplay, or roleplay done wrong, with a story arc similar to this. That said however, the rarest of rare exceptions can be made at the discretion of the Academy Council and its members.

Do you have any restrictions on species?

Kind of?

For the most part, we will accept species within Star Wars lore that have been discovered and integrated into the known galaxy that are not hostile. A couple of caveats are listed below.
  • The species must be able to be easily represented by the playable races given by the game's mechanics. It shouldn't be a stretch for everyone else's imagination, i.e., we will not accept a Selkath, Wookiee, Aqualish, etc. since there is no playable race able to adequately represent them.
  • The species chosen should follow the lore of that species. For example, we do not encourage playing a Chiss or Sith species as a Jedi, because of their histories, cultural tendencies, and beliefs wrapped around the Force, other species, and the galaxy as a whole.
Of course, not every situation is black and white. The Academy Council will look at each unique species request on an individual basis and make a decision from there. That said, it's important to keep in mind the above points.

Can Initiates take Padawan classes?


Initiates should be focused solely on their Initiate classes. If there is a Padawan class scheduled, the player may OOCly observe and comment in guild-chat, but the Initiate may not ICly attend the lesson.

On the same token, Padawans should not be attending classes that are developed specifically for Knights wishing to advance certain skill sets.

There are plenty of behind-the-scenes training opportunities students can and should be doing, rather than attending lessons that are beyond their level.

Can I roleplay as a Jedi Shadow?


According to lore, Jedi Shadows do not exist and are not known to anyone outside of the Council of First Knowledge or High Council. Therefore this guild does not recognize Jedi Shadows in roleplay. Nor will our academy train anyone to become a Jedi Shadow, since that is not something one can train for.

"Working in secrecy, the First Knowledge Council would hand pick the ranks of this task force..." - Wookieepedia​

It is our belief and understanding that Jedi Shadows are one of the most closely guarded secrets of the Jedi Order, to the point that the Shadows themselves may not even know each other as such. We believe that any who may discover the existence of the Jedi Shadow sect will be dealt with by the Council of First Knowledge or the High Council, either by a memory wipe or other means.

If you really want to roleplay a Jedi Shadow, we are not the guild you're looking for. This may change in the future, but for now we have no interest in roleplaying with Shadows. Should you choose to join our guild and roleplay a Shadow, we will kindly ask you to leave, since by doing so, you have broken our Code of Conduct.

Can I apply as a Jedi Master?


We do not accept applications for Jedi Masters. Because our roleplay environment is based on a traditional Jedi training academy, we want to ensure that all Jedi, should they reach the rank of "Master", echo the foundations, beliefs, and training ideologies that we support.

Furthermore, we believe that few Jedi ever reach the rank of "Master", since it is a prestigious rank that is bestowed by the Jedi Council.

ICly, Jedi Knights who qualify for this rank will have to show proof of steadfastness and dedication to the Jedi Order and the Jedi Council, an unwavering belief in the Jedi Code, years upon years of active service that has made a positive, lasting impact on the galaxy, and training of several Padawans.

OOCly, we reserve the right to bestow the rank of "Jedi Master" to those whose characters meet the IC requirements listed above, but who also are active, involved members of our guild community. This includes, but is not limited to, being active on the forums, creating and hosting events, initiating roleplay with guild members and non-guild members alike, upholding our Code of Conduct, and going above and beyond the needs of our guild community.